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Carehub Coworking

Carehub® Coworking is redefining medical office space by saving medical professionals and practices 70% to 85% of the cost of full-time space with no upfront out of pocket costs and no long term contracts.

Carehub Tech Forward Solutions

What We Did

Product Discovery
Rapid Prototyping
Product/Web Development
Virtual CTO


Define, design, and develop the technology that enables Carehub to create a more efficient and connected medical office for patients and doctors. As part of the launch, support marketing efforts to create awareness around this revolutionary offering both digitally and experientially.


Within five months the team was able to deliver a working prototype, working on mobile, desktop and IoT devices connected to the Carehub Cloud application.

In addition, the Kordami team launched a marketing site within weeks of kickoff and continues to provide support for ongoing marketing campaigns.

Process Screenshot


The Carehub Coworking team consisted of experienced medical real estate entrepreneurs and seasoned Kordami technologists and designers. Working closely together they defined the new offering and quickly shifted into rapid two week sprints to design interactions and deliver an incrementally complete offering.



The team devoted time upfront to product envisioning and design. This allowed them to identify future proof solutions that could scale; such as building with Paas architecture and using Google IoT management and enterprise level devices.


From design to development, the team worked in incremental reviews through a series of two week sprints. Within 5 months, the applications were running seamlessly on IoT devices and the marketing site was live and generating awareness.


By working in a small highly skilled team, Kordami was able to adapt to evolving requirements while still delivering client success. While the first phase is launched, Kordami continues to partner with Carehub Coworking to provide support on digital marketing efforts and exciting new phases of product development.

Technology Screenshot


Beautiful SaaS application that connects IoT devices to Desktop and mobile users.

  • VueJS

  • Amazon Web Services

  • Heroku

  • Google Device Management

  • Mongo DB

  • Digital Marketing Technology

“ We started with a novel and complex problem. The Kordami team designed a solution and architected the scalable platform on which it was built. Innovation in a completely new market is not easy, but when you have the support of a great team you can achieve almost anything, and achieve it we did. ”

Srini Kandikonda, Carehub Coworking

How We Connect

Getting started with Kordami is painless. We do not bore anyone with big presentations or long sales calls. We like to get to know people and find a way to create success as quickly as possible.

We start by helping.

When we meet for the first time our goal is to get to know you and understand the challenges you face. If possible we try to help right away by providing strategic advice and more. To us, this is all about connecting and helping, not selling.