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CareSafely enables skilled nursing, senior living, long-term care, and home health organizations to strengthen their infection control, compliance, and safety programs. Our software platform and content enable you to protect your residents, staff, and reputation.


What We Did

Product/Web Development
Virtual CTO
Ongoing Technical leadership
Monitoring and maintenance
Rapid Prototyping


Develop SaaS technology to empower nursing homes and senior living organizations to manage their infection control, safety and compliance program. The industry-first platform enables senior care facilities to conduct safety assessments, build/manage risk mitigation, conduct compliance audits and manage the program with real-time analytics.


The team was able to deliver a fully functional solution in production with active clients within 12 weeks from kick project off.

The good work continues as they enhance and enrich the platform post launch in order to meet the needs of the ever growing list of CareSafely clients.

Process Screenshot


The CareSafely team benefited from tremendous senior leadership in all disciplines, which allowed for a very high execution pace. Given the urgent need for the CareSafely solution in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, they elected to execute in one week sprints complete with demos and planning.



Develop a scalable API stack that can handle the high throughput requirement of concurrent assessments and pair that with a VueJS based application that is globally cached on AWS's CloudFront infrastructure.


The team had infrastructure up and running by the end of the first week and was able to demonstrate basic functionality by the end of the second sprint.

The continuous incremental delivery of the emerging solution enabled the CareSafely team to provide working product glimpses to potential clients before release.


One week sprints are not easy to pull off, but the team did so flawlessly thanks to the incredible work the founding members of Caresafely had done to vet the solution and always having high quality wires ready to feed the development team.

Technology Screenshot


Beautiful SaaS application that enables assisted living organizations to assess and audit their service for excellence.

  • VueJS

  • Vuetify

  • FeathersJS

  • Amazon Web Services

  • Mongo DB

“ The Kordami team enabled us to go from concept to robust, enterprise-grade product in just a few months -- this was critical as our mission is to keep seniors and their caregivers safe from the COVID-19 and other safety challenges ”

Raj Sjah, CareSafely Founder

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