Kordami Case Study | Citify


Citify is an exciting new company based in Austin Texas that provides organizations the much needed ability to track meeting agendas for a growing list of municipalities.

Create custom tracks that trigger when topics important to your organization are discussed in city council meetings.

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What We Did

Virtual CTO
Product Discovery
Product/Web Development
Ongoing Technical leadership
Monitoring and maintenance


Develop the technology needed to ingest municipal information at scale.

Define, design, and develop a SaaS application that allows Citify to provide critical information to its clients when they need it.


The Kordami team delivered the first prototype within 5 months and continued to work closely with the Citify partners to enrich the product iteratively based on feedback.

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The Citify team includes visionary partners that have an intimate understanding of how municipalities function, teamed up with Kordami technical leadership, architects, and designers. Together we worked in sprints to craft a solution that would change how business leaders would track municipal information forever.



Develop two components of a single application that can scale separately based on load characteristics in order to handle the ingestion aspect of the platform without impacting the application function. Invest heavily in usability in order to create a premium web application.


From white board ideation to a working SaaS, the Citify team architect an ingestion engine with the ability to ingest different web source formats and APIs ingest date, while leveraging the power of AWS to massively scale the approach.

The team designed and delivered amazing user experience in the application that allows Citify clients to easily configure tracks that when trigger provide meaningful results.


We met with technical technical leaders of different cities in order to better understand their publishing process and how we could work together .

Kordami started off as the innovation partner to help Citify develop its vision into a SaaS product.

That relationship grew as Kordami is actively supporting Citify launch efforts and more.

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Massively scalable SaaS application that leverages the power of AWS.

  • Amazon Web Services

  • NodeJS

  • Ubuntu

  • MySql

  • Google Enterprise Suite

  • Hubspot

How We Connect

Getting started with Kordami is painless. We do not bore anyone with big presentations or long sales calls. We like to get to know people and find a way to create success as quickly as possible.

We start by helping.

When we meet for the first time our goal is to get to know you and understand the challenges you face. If possible we try to help right away by providing strategic advice and more. To us, this is all about connecting and helping, not selling.