Performance and Scalability

Kordami Case Study | Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi

Located in the South Texas Gulf Coast, Corpus Christi offers popular tourist attractions, miles of beaches, and the margaritas are always within reach.

In order to provide their citizens and visitors with easy access to information, they need a technology solution that could scale with their content needs.


What We Did

Virtual CTO
Product/Web Development
Legacy Modernization


Re-architect the website infrastructure in order to support the ever changing content while making sure could handle an influx in visitors during critical events.


Within four weeks, the team was able to unite components from different hosting environments and launch the newly architected site.

Performance has been off the charts and the system has not experienced unscheduled (maintenance) downtime since.

Process Screenshot


Working with the Corpus Christi Web technology team, Kordami forged a plan to achieve stability, scalability and maintainability. The team prioritized stability to ensure that critical information was always available when needed.



The team's focus was to rebuild in order implement a solution that would be scalable and stable. By migrating hosting components to a unified and secure environment, we were able to establish a process that would support rapid growth.


Within 4 weeks, we launched a rebuilt stack and migrated to a new production environment. By working with the Corpus Christi Web Technology team, we were able to enact a new development process that would allow for seamless delivery of enhancements going forward.


Kordami is able to support new development initiates for The City of Corpus Christi by providing technical coaching to their team. Our Ongoing partnership allows us to keep innovating and using technology to better serve their citizens.

Technology Screenshot


Completely integrated and massively scalable website integrated with all internal systems.

  • Amazon Web Services

  • MySQL

  • In memory cache

  • Social Media Integration

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