Legacy Modernization

Kordami Case Study | Sage ETFs

Sage ETFs

In 2016 Sage Advisories turned its sights toward sustainable investing and launched Sage ETFs, a fund focused on environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations. In 2020 the team executed on a plan to enhance the SageETFs.com with state of the art technology and a brilliant new design.

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What We Did

Legacy Modernization
Product/Web Development
Staff Enablement
Third Party Integration


Replace the existing site with a secure and high performing digital presence that provides a best in class experience on all devices. Provide enhanced fund performance views through a new scalable integration architecture.


The new site was launched in just over a month with off the charts web performance characteristics. The combined team exceeded all expectations by also delivering the site redesign that was initially planned for later in the year.

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The Kordami team partnered up with Sage's visionary CTO in order to reimplement the site on a new stack and resolve all functional, performance and integration problems.

Once the base site was completed two weeks later we engaged a very talented internal marketing team in order to iteratively express their new vision for the site.



By working closely with Sage's CTO, the team was able to gain a good understanding of the functional and performance challenges facing sageetfs.com. Kordami was able to propose a new architecture that would address these issues while exceeding Sage's high security standards.


The initial build was executed rapidly and in close coordination with the CTO who was acting as a Product Owner. Content and design updates were rolled out iteratively as the new design was completed by the Marketing team.


By working closely together the combined Sage Advisory and Kordami team was able to take a project with an initial goal to resolve functional and performance problems and deliver the new digital presence Sage Advisory had planned for later in the year.

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Roll out a new digital experience based on modern scalable technology that would allow for rapid future development.

  • Amazon Web Services

  • Contentful Headless CMS

  • VueJS

  • NodeJS

  • Asynchronous Integration

  • Digital Marketing Technology

How We Connect

Getting started with Kordami is painless. We do not bore anyone with big presentations or long sales calls. We like to get to know people and find a way to create success as quickly as possible.

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