Kordami on Kordami


Kordami on Kordami

 — Paul Boomgaart

When Kordami launched as a technology consulting company in 2018, I recall  having a conversation with Eric about our website. We both wanted to create an incredible digital experience that explained the vision of  Kordami and showed off what our team could do. At the time our existing clients were referring new clients to us, and they were well aware of our skill level. Therefore, “we are new and have not had time to build a website yet” was an acceptable answer. The months rolled by as we focused on delivering amazing solutions to our growing list of clients.

After a few months, we grew tired of using the same excuse repeatedly and decided to spend one Saturday morning creating a one page site that would tide us over until we could do it “the right way”. We executed on that plan, and for the next year, we had a decent looking one-page site that had enough content on it to make Kordami look real. 

Kordami attracted more and more talented professionals as we grew during 2019. Delivering superb work for our clients in the process, it began to bother me that our website did not reflect our capability. I reached an epiphany: We should not invest in our digital presence to grow the business, we should invest in it because that is what we are telling our clients to do. 

A few months ago, I made the decision to hire Kordami to craft our digital marketing plan and develop a new website. To be successful, I communicated to the team that I would follow our process and participate (not lead) in any workshop or activity as needed to provide feedback, vision, and direction for Kordami. I asked that we keep the name Kordami; but made sure they knew that everything else was fair game, including the logo. 

There are several books written about business leaders who drastically changed their brand and tanked their organizations. However I have a tremendous amount of faith in the team and knew that they would do phenomenal work. Eric was placed in charge of all technology decisions, while Sam owned the brand and design. I was now in charge of coffee. 

In the next few weeks, I will be writing a series of articles describing what it was like to go through this process that resulted in the new Kordami website. 

Trusting the Kordami team was one of the best decisions I have made.

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