Walk, just don't walk by

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Walk, just don't walk by

 — Paul Boomgaart

I was on one of my daily walk last night when I noticed some kids shooting hoops at the Towne Square basketball court. The normal behavior these days is to walk on and mind your own business. Why would these boys want to play ball with an out of shape older guy?

So I doubled back and ask them if they would not mind me joining them for a few shots. They smiled yes and tossed me the ball. I enjoyed taking some shots and my sense of reality needs to be adjusted; these "boys" turned out to be college students! After we had shot around a little bit one of their friends who had been hanging out in his car walked over and was smiling and looking at me. So I went over to introduce myself, and he asked me: "do you know who I am? I think I know who you are!". Armand used to play soccer and knew me very well as "Coach Paul". Turns out that while I stopped coaching soccer, the players kept growing and graduating, and some of them are now 20 year old college students.

We ended up chatting on the court and I soon learned that these were some bright young men. We had a business & commercial real estate student (I need to introduce him to Carehub Coworking!), a Finance major at McCombs school of business no less, and a Computer Science future code master. The conversation quickly turned into a coaching session where I walked these men through the process of combing their life passions with their future professions, closed it off with how to ace interviews. They had not discussed it before, but their passions combine nicely and there is potential for something great there.

By now you are probably wondering what this has to do with Kordami. In my opinion this experience had everything to do with Kordami, because it was an expression of our our values. Kordami team members find joy in interacting with people and are passionate about creating success in human beings. Sometimes we do it with technology, but if the stars align you get to create success on a basketball court.

The world is filled with negative news these days. If you stop once in a while and look at our future, you will hopefully find the same thing I did; the future is bright and we are going to be ok.

So go for daily walks. When you see an opportunity to create success in human beings, don't just walk by.

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